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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Codename Kingdoms

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Game: Codename: Kingdoms
Publisher: Microsoft
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

We don't even have a name for this one, we have a codename. It's Kingdoms. Unless Codename Kingdoms is going to stick as its final title but judging by its announcement teaser at last year's E3 we doubt that.
It was all very gladiatorial with a sword and shield wielding Gerrard Butler wannabe stomping across an ancient battleground with blood trickling down his arm. It's ground that has been well-trodden before and the fully CG trailer didn't do anything to assure us Codename Kingdoms will be anything different.

The name stamped on the end of the trailer, however, did raise our eyebrows somewhat. Crytek are flying the good ship Kingdoms and, with its head usually in the sc-fi cloud of Crysis, this genre is new ground for the studio.

We're expecting the same high levels when it comes to production values, regardless of the genre, though. Crysis 2 was hailed as one of if not the best looking game on consoles when it was released and we'll be looking for the same quality in Codename Kingdoms; spectacular lighting, large detailed environments and explosive (or, in this case, at least mud-splattering) action.

What is both a point of intrigue and concern, however, is the type of game Codename Kingdoms is going to be; reports are billing it as a 'first-person melee Kinect game'.

It's that Kinect bit that's the worry. As much as we like the Microsoft motion sensor, we are aware of its limitations. We can't help but think that the only route that Codename Kingdoms can take is an on rails action game with minimal movement options available when it comes to sword-swiping combat.

But our trepidation is based on previous Kinect experiences, and we're still firm believers in the device's potential to blow the hardcore away in the right hands. Who better than Crytek to give us the AAA blockbuster the peripheral needs. If the Crysis and Far Cry dev can pull off 1:1 arm flailing on the battlefield, and if it makes it count in a gameplay sense, then we could see a new standard set on Kinect.

Taking Kinect out of the equation (it's by no means confirmed remember) and Crytek's assurance that Codename Kingdoms is a big deal could be dismissed as hyperbole if it weren't for the studio's track record that makes us believe.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has emphasised that this title will take the studio in a new direction and offer up a new challenge. As much as we love what Cytek has done to date, we're more than happy to see what the studio can achieve when it decides to shake things up a bit.

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