E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Anarchy Reigns

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Game: Anarchy Reigns
Publisher: Sega
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

Anarchy Reigns has a simple concept at its core; chuck a handful of players into an urban arena and let them wail on eachother with the most over the top violence those tiny little pixels can muster.


Since the online brawler is coming from the same development house as Vanquish and Bayonetta, there's little concern that it'll fall short on the violent madness front. Platinum Games seems to have a penchant and knack for hyper-velocity combat where players thrash their enemies into oblivion rather than pick them off with tactical bursts and sober headshots - Boring.

You only need to look at some of the Anarchy Reigns gameplay footage out there to know that this is about speed, unjustified aggression, special killing abilities and ripping open your enemy's collar bone with a chainsaw.

Even though this will be Platinum's first foray into online gaming then, the territory of the gameplay itself is one that the developer must feel very comfortable in. Such a level of blood-splattered violence was seen in one of the studio's previous titles, the wonderfully black and white MadWorld.

In fact, in a not too dissimilar way to something like Super Smash Bros. (Okay, in an entirely dissimilar way) a number of MadWorld characters have broken through the walls of their 2009 Wii IP to smash heads with the Anarchy Reigns cast.

Fans will recognise Blacker Baron (the dubiously named updated version of Black Baron who comes with his 'Super Sexy Fists of Fire') and MadWorld protagonist Jack Cayman who flails around with a retractable double chainsaw doing all of that bone cutting we mentioned.

They join newbies such as Sasha, a sexy ice queen, and Zero, a cybernetic ninja with twin Katanas and a cool name.

Naturally this bunch of brawlsome brutes (and brutesses) are geared and ready to go up against each other, but there are also Battle Royal and Tag Team modes on offer should you feel the need for a comrade amongst all the carnage.

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