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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Devil's Third

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The games on show at E3 2011 are some of the best in living memory. So you really owe it to yourself to vote in CVG's inaugural E3 2011 Awards... in the Most Anticipated Title category.


Shortly before the show, we'll work out which of these 60 special E3 game previews have enjoyed the most page views, Facebook 'Likes', ReTweets and poll votes (see below) and crown our first victor. Shower your favourites with online love!

Game: Devil's Third
Publisher: THQ
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

Devil's Third contains scenes of violence. It contains Ninja Gaiden scenes of violence, such as a lady assassin chopping a thug's head clean off with a sword as if it were a brown bit of banana. It contains Devil May Cry scenes of violence, such as a battle-scarred 'roid-o-man juggling a corpse in the air with a gatling gun.


But which does it contain more of? Is it a hack-'n'-slasher with shooty bits, or a shooter with hack'-n'-slashy bits? According to lead developer Tomonobu Itagaki, it's neither. Instead his aim is to blend the two worlds, creating a fluid system which combines the directness of a shooter with the "visceral, bloody" feel of close-quarters combat.

Unfortunately, further details on the plot are sealed tighter than a ketchup portion with the corner ripped off. When pressed, Itagaki would only offer the phrase "Kessler syndrome", which refers to a domino effect that happens when space junk collides with each other, creating yet more debris that in turn increases the chances of further collisions.

That fits together quite nicely with concept art we've seen which depicts cloudy shadows hovering over a number of smouldering architectural landmarks. This is clearly not a spiritual successor to Rainbow Islands.

Itagaki's second riddle asked us to think about the name, 'Devil's Third'. It's a musician's term for an interval that spans three whole tones, and is primarily used to disrupt a harmony. "Dissonance can make people feel negative feelings," said Itagaki during E3. "But you can try to be nice, make everything really accessible and pleasant, or you can go down a road that rattles people a bit."


If Ninja Gaiden's swordplay was akin to a dance, then this clearly is going to be a full-on rave, with the number three featuring heavily in the game's rhythm. There are three main characters, three factions and as far as we can tell, three-hundred and thirty-three ways to dismember your next-door neighbour. Three cheers!

There's a long way for Devil's Third to go yet, but it's got our attention. It's slick, violent, gory and it doesn't mind making a song and dance about it.

[Words: Xbox World 360]

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