Starhawk: More than meets the eye?

Hands-on with long-requested sequel...

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The Build and Battle also forms a core part of the multiplayer experience, which retains the fact-paced multi-dimensional combat that will feel very familiar to long-time Warhawk players.

Maps in Starhawk feature basic structures and roads to enable players to get around but are very much built as blank canvases. By constructing their own structures players can build maps in tune with their own tactics and then destroy and rebuild to reflect the changing battle conditions as then unfold.

In our own multiplayer session we were able to set up sniper towers to use as vantage points and defend team mates escaping an enemy compound with the enemy flag, build garages to spawn vehicles and helipads to spawn aircrafts as and when we wanted, this meant that the map was constantly changing on a round-to-round basis.


Although much of the multiplayer feels familiar Lightbox has made numerous updates to the multiplayer feature-set, which now includes a separate co-op mode for up to four player, an Android app that is plugged into the community, an automated tournament system, an in-game calendar and - it promises - more features it will unveil soon.

We thought we knew exactly what we we're getting with Starhawk and it managed to surprise us with something a little different. It's good to see LightBox trying to take the game in a new direction instead of sticking to its established, popular formula. We're looking forward to spending some more time with the build and battle system in both multiplayer and single-player in the future.

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