E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Modern Warfare 3

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Game: Modern Warfare 3
Publisher: Activision
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

America, England, Germany and France all provide a stage for Modern Warfare 3 - in what can be considered a true globe-hopper for the FPS genre.

They've all seen better days as well, with New York, London, Berlin and Paris all being battered within an inch of themselves. As seen in the trailer earlier this week, the allies' enemy is causing havoc on the London's Underground, using trucks to smash up trains in a scene that the Daily Mail doesn't like one bit.

Overground, there seems to be something of an anti-terror operation going down; all black masks and silent operatives raising their guns under the cover of darkness, keeping a close eye on the police in what appears to be Parliament Square.

Over in the US, things are far more explosive. What we're guessing is a Russian sub fires missile towards the New York skyline as Wall Street lies war-torn. Interestingly, we spotted the Freedom Tower in the background, the structure that replaced the Twin Towers after 9/11. If you're not called on to defend this pillar of the American Dream later in the game, Infinity Ward has missed a blockbusting trick - and let's be honest, when have they ever allowed that to happen?

This video is no longer available

Later on, you'll be called on to swim underwater through a flooded NY Lincoln Tunnel (where the sign point to 'Brooklyn, 1.5') - which suggests some sneaky, chaos-causing tactics from the enemy will come into play.

Of particular interest in the Paris scenes is the gas grenades thrown in the street, which look suspiciously like some kind of tear, mustard or even chemical agent - perhaps being used to drive a terrorist out of their cell? Whatever their purpose, we're looking forward to seeing them appear in multiplayer.

Finally, Berlin is a bleak warzone until the biggest set piece we've seen yet comes into play, a full glass tower which creaks and shatters to the ground - in scenes not dissimilar to those seen in EA's opening gameplay trailers for Battlefield 3.

MW3 isn't necessarily a war of nations alone however. As the every so slightly creepy voice in the trailer suggests, this conflict has been triggered by "the will of a single man".

On top of that narrative snippet, developer Infinity Ward has said that while the Modern Warfare engine remains at the core of the third game, Modern Warfare 3 will see a lot of "cool stuff" added to the strong foundations of the franchise.

Activision on the other hand, is going for the hard sell with gusto calling Modern Warfare 3 "by far the most epic Call of Duty experience yet." Packed into that envelope of epic is unimaginable scale and "a level of polish and creativity that will push the genre forward." It also boasts the most innovative multiplayer ever, although Activision hasn't gone beyond hyperbole just yet.

The game certainly looks the part from what we can tell from that first proper trailer, but its hard to determine just yet, how many strides Modern Warfare 3 is taking from such cinematic lead footage. One thing's for sure, we aren't going to be short of crazy set-pieces.

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