E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Assassin's Creed Revelations

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Game: Assassin's Creed Revelations
Publisher: Ubisoft
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

We're torn when it comes to Assassin's Creed Revelations. On the one hand we can't help but feel like Ubisoft are milking thing a bit now - but on the other we're absolutely dying to play it.

History is on the French publisher's side. After the sales and critical success of Assassin's Creed 2 Ubisoft pumped out Brotherhood and released it a year later. People claimed they were cashing in on the popularity of AC2 with by quickly churning out another game, but it quickly became apparent that Brotherhood was no cobbled together cash grab.

Now we have Revelations, the third - and according to Ubi, final - chapter in Ezio Auditore's story. Despite our scepticism about yet another AC title based on a modified version of the AC2 engine, we're reminded that so far Ubisoft hasn't given us any reason to doubt it.

The game starts off in Masyaf, which devout Assassin's fans will remember from the first AC game. Ezio has traveled to Masyaf in search of information once held by his predecessor Altair. Ezio wants to find a hidden library which contains a wealth of information pertaining to the Order of Assassin's. To find the library he must follow in the footsteps of Altair to, though his pilgrimage quickly become a race against time.

The main city in Revelations is Constantinople, which is split into four main sections. Ubisoft has said "Constantinople is a massive city" and "it actually spans two continents - on one side is Europe, and other Asia".

The city "is the centre of the known world at that time" and historically was "one of the main reasons that Europeans tried to go around Africa" - since Constantinople was a great hub controlled by the Ottomans. Players will also venture into Cappadocia, a Templar city full of caverns and tunnels. Ubi promises this city will be a complete surprise to AC fans because it's almost entirely underground, which "is the first time something like this has been done in the franchise".

Confirmed characters include Manuel Palaeologos, a wealthy Byzantine kept from reaching political power by the rise of the Ottoman Empire, who may also have ties to the Templars. Sofia Sorto, a character based on Albrecht Durer's painting 'Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman', serves as a love interest for Ezio and Yusuf Tazim, Ezio's counterpart in Constantinople. As a fellow Master Assassin, Tazim serves as a friendly rival for Ezio and introduces him to the hook blade seen in the first AC.

Of course, the character we're most looking forward to seeing is the now older, wiser and even more experienced Ezio. Which is probably a good sign both for us and Ubisoft. Let's get stabby.

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