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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Hitman Absolution

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Since we've been playing L.A Noire non-stop for over a week, we've found ourselves interrogating anyone who looks at us cock-eyed. Often for nothing useful whatsoever - we spent four minutes grilling a shop assistant about their most embarrassing moment as a teenager just for the thrill.

The point is we want to see more of it and who needs to dish out a healthy dose of information demanding threats more than Agent 47?

In Hitman: Absolution, we want to have to pinpoint our targets exact location, his weaknesses, routines and Munch Bunch preference using a variety of different techniques, interrogation being one of them.

An evidence heavy mechanic like L.A Noire's would be pointless, but maybe that side of the game could be replaced with gambling on how best to apply the screws to your interviewee, physically or mentally.

Another nice mechanic would be the ability to recruit NPCs that were close to the target, forcing them to help you to reach your objective. The gamble would come in choosing someone who was well positioned to carry out the task in hand and unlikely to snitch on you at the last minute, causing security to go up a notch.

We're going to bung the prospect of co-op and multiplayer in there as well. It's something of a given these days, but execution is key here.

While a co-op mode for Hitman would be amazing, it would need to be specially tailored towards the game and entirely unique from the single-player campaign.

Levels would have to be larger to accommodate two assasssin's and would of course need to throw up problems specific to two players. Like Splinter Cell at its best though, Hitman is the kind of IP that requires fore-sight, co-ordination and timing. When you stick the extra dimension of another player to the potion, those demands because even more crucial and are joined by the necessity to communicate.

Wow, when we describe it like that, Hitman starts to sound less like a video game and more like a session of social therapy. We'd better get onto the straight-up life ending stuff.

Obviously when we start to let our minds wonder about what Hitman multiplayer would look like, the first stop is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Would a direct copy of Ubisoft's approach work with a Hitman re-skin? Yes, absolutely, but we may as well try and come with something that goes even beyond that while we're here.

Why not divide play up in such away that one person plays as the Hitman while the rest play as a private security company tasked with guarding the target's mansion, or supervising the decadent parties we've seen in the past?

Or the security could be handled by bots while a number of hitmen race to be the first to take out the target. If they find another assassin, they can kill him to take him out of the game.

Just a couple of fairly standard ideas there for online play, we're sure IO can come up with something even more inventive.

Then comes the weapons. We all know Agent 47 is a pro when it comes to firearms and a length of wire but we think any legendary assassin needs to be able to turn anything into a deadly weapon (even socks).


We want to go down the every object is a weapon route ala Dead Rising except without the hilariously ridiculous bent and the masking tape modifications. But we don't want this to be one of those situations where we just get the same attack animation over and over only with increasingly homely objects in our hands.

It'd be a big ask but we'd be mightily impressed if the dev team managed to come up with a different melee execution move for almost every item in the game, there'd be replay value in wanting to witness every object's finishing move nevermind this online mumbo jumbo.

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