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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Deus Ex

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Anfossi gives me some examples of different ways to build Jensen: "You can decide to be this stealthy guy, who's all about subtle augs like getting cloak, even just managing the sound you produce, things like that. You can become more combat orientated, with augmentations to stabilise your aiming, to be able to do more take-downs.

All kinds of augmentations that make you kind of a tank. You can decide to be a Jack-of-all-trades, by getting a bit of everything but not necessarily an expert in any field. So you have a lot of options in every situation. If you're the exploration guy, you might decide to max out your strength to not only be able to do take-downs and break through walls, but also so you can move objects around or things like that, to let you access places that would be harder to reach.

"Or you can decide to go for hacking, to be able to get into containers and safes, and to be able to take the alternate paths." It's getting harder to be sceptical about Human Revolution. It's clearly a much more futuristic game than Deus Ex, despite being a prequel, and plenty about it is different.

But most of that difference, such as the generous scope for character progression and the Blade-Runner-meets-Rembrandt art style, is all the more reason to be excited. "The Deus Ex experience is really about choices and consequences," Anfossi tells me. His team's choices with Human Revolution have been brave, but close to the original where it counts. We can't be sure of the consequences yet, but we're damned excited.

[Words: Games Master]

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