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Game: DmC
Publisher: Capcom
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

This is how much we like the Devil May Cry series: we've completed the first game, DMC3 and DMC4 on the hardest difficulty and like true fans curse Capcom and anyone else involved with the travesty that was Devil May Cry 2.


Why are we telling you this? So that we can follow up by saying as fans of the series we think it has become a stale, melodramatic, cheesy joke. Sure, the fighting mechanics are solid as a rock - which is to be expected from the company that also puts out Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom - but we can't stand the stupid story and most of all what Dante has turned into.

In the first game he was introduced as a stoic, gothic knight, born as the son of a demon he spent his days fighting his own kind as the protector of the human race. But over the years he's become a cocksure, increasingly arrogant douchebag that seems to spend more time coordinating outfits than combos.

Ninja Theory's bold new direction for the series is a massive departure from what we've had over the last few DMC titles, and while initial reactions to the grunge style and emo-ish young Dante haven't been positive we're throwing our support behind it.

Creative director Tameem Antoniades put it best when he said 'the Dante we all know now represents what was cool 12 years ago'. He went on to correctly point out that the genius of the first DMC was "it brought everything that was great about action cinema like the fashion, music -- it was like a cultural melting pot".


For Devil May Cry to have that same impact it needs to move on to represent the same for a modern day and a modern audience. With so many years since the first game Ninja Theory has years worth of music, cinematography and fashion to work with.

Heavenly Sword showed Ninja Theory knows how to create interesting, unique combat mechanics and Enslaved proved they're no slouch in the story-telling and world-building department. In our minds they're the perfect studio to return Dante and DMC to their former glory.

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