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Here's what gaming on the 'world's largest HDTV' looks like

200 feet wide, 80 feet tall - no it won't fit in your bedroom

Think you've seen some big TVs on shops? No you haven't. The pictures below are of a HDTV that measures 200x80... FEET.


Claimed to be 'the world's largest high definition television', this beast belongs to the Charlotte Motor Speedway racing circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

The track held an event this week to mark the completion of the Panasonic HDTV project, which took up to 57 workers and 11,000 man hours to construct, consists of 158 panels illuminated by nine million LED lamps and weighs 332.5 tons. We wouldn't like to be paying the electricity bill on that thing.

How did it showcase the screen? With video games, of course, giving the 720p screen a whirl with iRacing - which isn't the game we'd choose but it's better than nothing.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]