Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar finally coming to Europe

Rising Star picks up publishing rights to long-time no-show Harvest Moon DS title

Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar will finally be released in Europe this year as Rising Star picks up publishing duties for the long-time import-only title.


Grand Bazaar was released in Japan in by Marvelous Interactive in December 2008. Almost two years later Natsume grabbed it for a US release. That got it translated into English, but there was no word on a UK release.

No Rising Star has snapped up the title for a 2011 release, although its exact date is currently unspecified. The game scored decently in US reviews, grabbing scores ranging from six to eight-out-of-ten.

In the game, players raise animals, harvest crops, craft rare delicacies, and then sell their wares at their shop in grand effort to revitalise a once thriving but now desolate town bazaar.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]