Diablo 3 gameplay trailer reveals Followers

Fresh look at Blizzard's long-awaited dungeon-crawler

Blizzard has released a new video of Diablo 3, showcasing Followers - co-operative companions you can recruit to join you in your quest.

The trailer showcases three types of follower; the Enchantress, the Scoundrel (both ranged fighters) and the Templar (a melee fighter).

Fans on the official forums who are WAY more into the game than we'll ever be have picked out all of the stat-heavy information revealed in the footage. If you're one of those Diablo types, you may find the information below the trailer fascinating. If not, don't even bother trying.

Blizzard said during an investors call this week that it's 'targeting' a Q3 - i.e. late summer - release for an external beta of Diablo 3. Still no release date though. Soz.

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- Three Followers: Enchantress, Scoundrel, Templar

- Equipment Slots: Weapon (main/offhand), Amulet, 2x Rings

- There is also a slot next to the equipment slots that has a lock icon with a red "25" inside. All the followers were either level 20 or 21. I assume that we will also be able to equip them with armor once the slot is unlocked at 25.

- Skills: Below the equipment slots are four tiers of skills (three skills per tier). These tiers are unlocked at follower level 5, 10, 15, and 20. You can choose one skill from each tier for your follower.

- Stats: Below the skills is detailed information on your followers armor, resistances, damage, and life.

- Never before seen enemy at 0:54.. some bat-winged type abomination. Most likely a new and improved version of the Blood Hawk Nest from Diablo II. This appears to spawn Fiends.

- Small plants burst from the ground as the Templar is beating on a treant around 1:25

- "Gaurdian" (Tier 2) increases the Templar's resistances to cold, fire, and electricity by 40/40/40

- Object on the ground around 0:20 and ~0:31.. Waypoint?

- Throughout the video, small yellow circles appear on the ground (as if to indicate a clicked location). The character moves there, and in some cases the Follower. (See ~1:12) Possibly a "Attack-Move Here with Me" type command. So perhaps we will have more refined control of our Followers.

- The Enchantress starts out at level 21 (644 Life, 23-70 Damage) and a full set of resistances (assumed: Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Arcane). Soon thereafter, she is shown as level 20 (620 Health, 22-60 Damage). At this point she only has Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Poison. The last resistance is a yellow plus-sign or cross. The weapon also changes as the level is changed (magical to normal staff).

- ~0:56 Male Demon Hunter is shown. A pair of black arcs/rings appear around the DH as he fires Multishot.

Follower Details


5: Disorient -- Forceful Push -- Charm
10: Decoy -- Reflect Missiles -- Powered Armor
15: Forcused Mind -- Amplify Damage -- Lowered Resistance
20: Energize -- Energy Bomb -- Guidance

Level: 20
Armor: 0
Damage: 22-60
Life: 620

Level: 21
Armor: 0
Damage: 23-70
Life: 644


5: Rapid Fire -- Crippling Shot -- Poison Bolts
10: Dirty Fighting -- Bandage -- Scavange
15: Power Shot -- Multishot -- Rain of Gold
20: Vanish -- Anatomy -- Black Market

Level: 21
Armor: 0
Damage: 17-31
Life: 664


5: Heal -- Charge -- Protection
10: Loyalty -- Intimidate -- Gaurdian
15: Tribute -- Inspire -- Intervene
20: Onslaught -- Knight -- Empathy

Level: 20
136 Armor
Damage: 18-26
Life: 860