The 7 highest rated Xbox 360 exclusives ever

The world's opinion on the best of Xbox 360...

Last week we brought you the highest rated games the PlayStation 3 has to offer not based on our current persuasions, not even based solely on our own review scores, but based on a globe's worth of games journalists' reviews.

This week, we've fished out the best of the best for Xbox 360 based on the handy aggregating capabilities of Metacritic.

Remember these aren't our favourites in particular (although a few of them crop up), you can find our picks from Xbox history here, these are the best of the best according to the numbers.

Let us know if there's anything in there that surprises you and how you'd draw it up differently given the chance.

Metacritic score: 91

While Mass Effect 2 may have made the treasonous jump over to PS3, straddling the console divide like some beautiful floozy, the original Mass Effect still remains loyal and very dear to the 360 following as a flagship title for the console.


Mass Effect was the Star Wars of the video game galaxy and epic in ways our fragile eyes had never witnessed before. Rarely does a video game manage to put together such a compelling story and one that meshes so completely with the gameplay itself.
This is the big one, the one that gets compared to Star Wars. Mass Effect is one of the greatest RPG experiences ever etched on to a disc, one that its sequel didn't quite match.

In an RPG experience that the sequel didn't quite match, Mass Effect not only provided you with a whole world to explore, it gave you a galaxy.

But it was the personal relationships formed along the way, and the danger of stretching the professional ones to breaking point that made the difference. The subtle mechanics of the conversation system and the fluidity of dialogue coming from expertly defined characters.

Mass Effect 2 upped the action of the series and was roundly praised for almost every aspect of its experience but for many, as far as role-playing was concerned, there's only really candidate offering true intergalactic RPGing.

Metacritic score: 91

Of course no best of Xbox 360 list would be complete without Bungie's sci-fi first-person shooter series, it's all just a matter of how many times Halo can penetrate the rankings and where exactly the different iterations fall.


We can answer that question for you, partially, right now: Halo penetrates at least once with Halo Reach, and it falls... right here.

Halo Reach was the finale in Bungie's series and, while we don't know where the space marines are going to go next, we were more than satisfied with the way one of Xbox 360s greatest and most defining sagas was rounded off.

It was a familiar affair, sure, but when you're saying goodbye to an old friend, you don't want her to morph into something new right as she turns to leave and, besides, Reach added its own worth to the series as well as providing us fanatics with much needed closure.

If you ask us, it was the best looking Halo of the series so far when it came to the single-player but it didn't stop there, impressing with in multiplayer when the story was all said and done.

We also held up the combat and AI as some of the best the franchise had to offer and, with the inclusion of space combat, it had brand new dimensions to boot.

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