First Brink DLC goes free after issues, updates released

Updates out now for all versions, DLC coming free as thanks

Splash Damage has decided to offer the first DLC expansion for its recent shooter Brink for free as a show of "appreciation for your support" through recent issues with the title.

It has also released another round of updates (following those reported last week) on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions.


Speaking on its blog, Splash Damage said: "We would like to thank you for supporting Brink and for your continued feedback. To show our appreciation for your support of Brink, we will be making the first DLC for Brink available for free when it is released. This DLC is planned for June and will offer additional maps and new content for players."

Speaking of its updates, it explained: "We have made a configuration change for 360 users (which will be available to the PS3, once PSN is up) that alters the number of human players when matchmaking for "Campaign" and most 'Freeplay' modes to eight total human players.

"This new configuration will allow those connecting to and hosting matches (particularly those with lower upstream bandwidth) to more reliably find and connect to quality hosts via the match-making process - resulting in less lag and more fun. This change is being rolled out today and will be available worldwide."

It goes on: "For players who haven't been experienced lag, we'll still support 8v8 on all maps via a new 'Big Teams' configuration in Freeplay, and through custom settings in Private matches. There is no download required for this update and it will be available automatically the next time you log in to play Brink and launch either campaign or standard Freeplay matches. This should allow players new to the Ark as well as veterans to find quality matches suitable to their preferred play style."

On the PC side, the dev says: "We are also releasing an incremental update for PC players via Steam that addresses AI, GPU, and server issues." Full patch notes are here.

[ SOURCE: Bethesda ]