Modern Warfare 3 release date November 8?

Leaked poster lets date slip, reports suggest

The Modern Warfare 3 release date has been revealed as November 8 if a report of a leaked retail poster for the next Call of Duty is legitimate.

The report comes from IGN, which claims insider retail sources have provided the bit of publicity that carries the date. The site says the poster is Australian (the date order is 08.11.11) but, of course, the release is almost certainly going to be global.


The actual image on the poster is the box art that was revealed last week with the date stuck on the bottom, so this could all still be some Photoshop ruse.

Considering all the Modern Warfare 3 information that's been leaked already though including locations, multiplayer, ending and just about everything else, to see this come true wouldn't be too much of a surprise, particularly given this falls exactly into the launch window we'd expect for MW3.