Sony comments on PSN password reset problems

Huge number of people coming back online simultaneously causing a few hiccups

The PlayStation Network is back online across much of the globe, although as expected it hasn't been a straightforward process restoring the gaming and media services.

Specifically, Sony says some users are experiencing issues resetting their account passwords. Its message: be patient.


SCEE head of communications Nick Caplin wrote on the PS Blog this morning: "Some of you have mentioned that you have not received your password reset emails.

"With the huge number of people coming back online at the same time and resetting their passwords, it is creating significant email traffic to ISPs. The consequence is that some of the ISPs are throttling the emails.

We are currently trying to resolve this, but in the meantime please be patient and refrain from submitting multiple requests. You will receive you reset email and be able to get back to enjoying your online gaming."

In a subsequent update, he added:

"We're currently experiencing an extremely heavy load of password resets, so we recently had to turn off services for approximately 30 minutes to clear the queue. If you've requested your password reset, please give it a bit of time to reach your email."

Sony has outlined a welcome back package of content and services for PSN users.

[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]