Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games: Can success strike thrice?

First Look: Mascots hit East Laaaandon

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For the third instalment Sega's introduced the option to play events in versus, team versus or co-operative, and like its predecessors London Olympics looks incredibly accessible with multiple control schemes available for Wii Remote, Wii Remote plus Nunchuk and more.

Here we hopped Yoshi aboard his Horse (a dinosaur riding a horse?!) with just the Wii Remote, galloping with a thrust of the remote and 'turning' by tilting the controller.

Unfortunately, in our brief hands-on, Mario & Sonic London's use of the Wii Remote felt less responsive than the top titles on the system and we were yet again left mourning the lack of MotionPlus support (Sega says there simply isn't a big enough install base for the add-on).

Canoeing fared better, tasking players with 'rowing' in synch, with shrinking circles over the on-screen characters indicating when you should stroke the air with your Wii Remote. But it's still difficult to see how much imagination will be on offer without the inclusion of the more advanced motion controls.

But on a positive note Sega looks to be going big on the series' strong point, the Dream events, and at the very least the Wii could enjoy the arrival of another solid party game in time for Christmas. Which is far healthier than six hotwings for a quid.

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