Mario & Sonic London 2012: 3DS details, screens

Sega goes live with first info

The embargo's lifted and the first Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games details and media have arrived.

You can read all about the Wii version of Sega's latest party effort in our preview, but for 3DS details look no further than below.

Of the 31 venues planned to hold events across the UK, 20 are set for the new Nintendo 3DS edition which will also contain a stonking 50+ sports, says Sega.

Graphically the handheld game looks just as good as the Wii version, though environments appear to be on a smaller scale.


Events shown to press this month included Judo, 100m Kayak, Balance Beam, 100m Breaststroke and 20km Race Walk, all of which attempt to make use of the 3DS's unique control methods.

Judo is a button-based event that has two competitors rushing to press on screen button commands as fast as possible. The person quickest of the mark pulls off a move - simple as.

Kayak is a bit more complex, tasking players to spin the circle pad in sync with an on-screen animation, before rattling it Mario Party-style in a final 'sprint'.

Balance Beam expectedly makes use of the gyroscope to keep your leotard-clad character atop a beam, while Breaststroke has you blowing into the microphone every time your swimmer bobs up for air (this is more enjoyable that it sounds - but we're still not doing it on the tube).

Finally the most popular event featured in the press demo is Race Walk, which has you scrubbing the 3DS touchscreen in time with the beat of an orchestral music track, cumulating in a mad sprint-walk to the finish. If you fail to scrub in time with the beat, the music will distort and your character will stumble.

In our first look, the handheld version is at least attempting to inject fresh life into the now ageing Olympics series, though it remains to be seen if in-depth RPG single-player features return on 3DS.

See screens below.