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SSFIV Arcade Edition PC targets July launch

Arcade Edition retail versions out on June 28

Capcom has said it's aiming to release Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on PC in early July.


"Nobody wants to get the PC version out as soon as possible more than us," Capcom said via its blog. "We still have some logistical hoops to jump through before we can set a hard and firm date," it said, adding, "The goal is to definitely be in the earlier part of July."

Capcom will also release a physical retail version of Arcade Edition for consoles on June 28 for $39.99, it reaffirmed.

The Arcade Edition expansion will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 as a download via their respective online stores on June 7 for 1200 MS Points (Xbox) or $14.99 (PS3).

The biggest additions are the new characters; four new Street Fighters are confirmed for Arcade Edition including twin brothers Yun and Yang, who first appeared in Street Fighter 3, Evil Ryu and Oni, an even more demonic version of Akuma.

Characters have also been tweaked to balance the overall gameplay experience and Capcom has added a number of new features to the replay channel, it says.

[ SOURCE: Capcom ]