Sony on PSN down time: 'We owe a great deal to our partners'

But new letter to business partners makes no mention of compensation

Sony has sent a second letter to its business partners regarding the PlayStation Network down time that has dominated gaming headlines over the past month.

In it, Rob Dyer, senior vice president of publisher relations, says the platform holder owes "a great deal to valued partners" for their "patience and support during this difficult time".

He adds (via IndustryGamers): "With your continued partnership, PSN will move forward stronger, smarter and better than ever."


While Sony yesterday detailed a welcome back pack for PSN users, including a number of free games, Dyer's letter offers no mention of compensation for business partners.

Dylan Cuthbert, founder of PixelJunk maker Q-Games, said this month that Sony risks losing the support of third party developers if it fails to compensate them for the PSN down time.

Major third party publishers Activision and Capcom have both said the service outage will significantly impact their bottom line.

[ SOURCE: IndustryGamers ]