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inFamous 2: 'We have to be better than Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet'

Sucker Punch co-founder talks about the trials and tribulations of a Sony exclusive...

Earlier this month inFamous 2 was revealed as the latest game in the Sony exclusive arsenal to adopt the play, create, share mantra made popular by LittleBigPlanet.

New community features give players the opportunity to create their very own inFamous 2 missions with what's looking to be an impressive amount of customisation options and have them uploaded into the open game worlds of fellow heroes and villains everywhere.

If you're the kind of person that leans towards destruction rather than creation, don't worry (about the game at least) studio Sucker Punch is well away that it's first job is to up the spectacle and all round awesome that Cole brings to the table for the sequel.


We sat down with Sucker Punch co-founder and inFamous 2 producer Brian Fleming to talk about all of these new features, the inFamous 2 beta and more.

So what have you got for us today and what's on show since the last time we saw inFamous 2?

What we're showing here is two early missions and then a medium mission. We produced this as a way to get people who've never experienced inFamous equipped with it.

The first mission is in the swamps, it's teaching you the basics of controls. It's really designed as an introduction to what inFamous 2 is and you can certainly experiment with a lot of the new features; melee is here, you get a sense of the new environment - New Marais. You get a sense for the new presentation that we're doing with cutscenes and the way we're improving our story-telling.

This is the beginning and then you get a chance to see what we consider a medium-sized enemy. We also have the behemoth; a six-storey tall monster that smashes through the city. That's another part of the inFamous 2 story; really playing with scale both in terms of your powers and your enemies. We wanted to take both of those and go beyond a guy who's two meters tall with a pistol and go to the level of presentation and experience that you might see in a modern superhero movie.

We felt like we had a really good foundation but we didn't have that sense of scope and epic presentation and that's what we've really been trying to achieve with inFamous 2. It's really been a driving goal, with many of the underlying changes, that sense of scale.

That seems to be coming about doesn't it? Developers seem to be looking for spectacle and movie quality cinematics...

We always use the word 'presentation'. The basics of play control are vitally important to us. I hope we never release a game that you as a member of the press will say "You know, the controls just aren't very good, it feels loose, the frame-rate's crap." Those basics are the reason we love games so we want to get that right.


But, for us, the real step that we felt was missing was that especially in this genre - this is trying to be a modern superhero experience - we have to reach that level of presentation where there's polish on all aspects of it.

The effects have to be right, the camera angles have to be right, the sounds have to be right, the lighting has to be right; you really need to get everything right. This is our attempt to step into that fray and really give people this whole experience instead of just like, "Well it's got some new mechanics."

We were talking to Rocksteady, the Batman: Arkham City developers, recently and they were talking about the difficulty that comes in allowing the freedom of an open-world but still maintaining a strong sense of narrative, structure and pacing etc.

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