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Shock Modern Warfare 3 poster: Demolished New York lies in ruins

Fake TIME cover shows battered Wall Street, drops CVG jaws

There's controversial marketing, and then there's this.

US retail giant GameStop is reportedly giving away a double-sided poster with Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders. On one side lies that bold green, black and white logo depicting a special forces operative holding his gun up in the air. And on the other side... oh, boy.


A mocked-up TIME magazine cover shows what appears to be a war-torn Wall Street, New York, left smouldering and heavily damaged following a serious attack.

Smoke rises from the top of a tower in the background, whilst the ground below is covered in tonnes of rubble and dust. In the foreground, the iconic US flag which usually hangs proud outside the New York Stock Exchange is tarnished; left grubby, ripped and flapping over the carnage.

The lead text of the mag's front cover reads: "World Stands On The Brink", above a sub-head: "Tensions rise across Europe".


Leaked campaign details of Modern Warfare 3 last week described an in-game attack on Manhattan by Russian forces. Players reportedly take control of Delta Force, and have to gun down a jamming tower on top of the New York Stock Exchange.

Across the top of the TIME cover, two photos that seem to be of MW2's Price and Soap sit next to the line: "Interpol's Most Wanted: SAS Commandos still at large after global manhunt".

The release date of Modern Warfare 3 was today confirmed as November 8. We're expecting the game - and its marketing campaign - to win a few high profile opponents if Activision keeps up with the 'reality' style of today's discovery.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]