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THQ: We're 'one of the big publishers' alongside Activision, EA

THQ CEO Brian Farrell confident after Homefront success

THQ thinks of itself as 'one of the big publishers' alongside the likes of Activision and EA.


That's according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, who appears full of optimism following the sales success of the firm's recent FPS, Homefront.

"We certainly think of ourselves as one of the big ones," Farrell told Industry Gamers, pointing to Homefront as a sign of its significance in the market.

"We had the top selling game in March with Homefront," noted Farrell, adding that "there was a time [when people would have said] 'Oh my gosh, THQ! You're launching Homefront in March. It's so crowded. You've got Crisis, you've got dadadadada...'

"We were number one," boasted Farrell. "We crushed the competition here and in the U.K. and in other markets that we track."

As Industry Gamers notes, Activision has a market cap of $12.93 billion, EA $7.73 billion, THQ's is just $279.3 million, and cannot match the billions in cash available and enormous global resources of Activision and EA.

Farrell, however, says it's not about quantity but quality of games, strong marketing and a good release opening. "Our goal is to have great products, pick our spots, where we can compete and win," added Farrell. "It's picking your spots, having great games from great creators, and it's not about numbers of products - it's about bringing great products to market, marketing them as we did with Homefront and as we intend to do with the rest of these games. So when we can compete, we win."

He went on: "We undertook a brand new strategy two years ago and turned the company around in 2010. Last year was kind of the quiet year for us, we didn't release a lot of products, and now we've got a pipeline that I think our competitors would be envious of. So I'm a competitor, I love to compete, and we intend to compete and win."

We slapped a respectable 8.6/10 score on the end of our Homefront review in March. If you bought it, how did it fare with you compared to Black Ops?

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]