Fable 3 PC review scores sneak out

Update hits Steam this Friday

Fable III PC has officially been released on Game for Windows in North America, and will be available on Steam worldwide this Friday.

As you'd expect, review scores are already starting to turn up online and the consensus seems to be that the PC edition is the superior version of Fable III, but its Xbox flaws are still very much present.


The Exmainer kicks us off with a 4/5, claiming that the port from the Xbox 360 to the PC "is a smooth one for the most part" apart from a few performance issues.

"Fable III's real strength is in its story, quests and voice acting. Lionhead not only created an interesting world of characters but filled them with the voices from John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, Ben Kingsley and others that added layers of depth and quality," it writes.

The Guardian's review points out a few small interface niggles, claiming it's "annoying" to have to hold down a key to confirm in-game choices on PC, but concludes that Fable III still aspires to greatness "and finds it surprisingly often".

IGN shares The Guardian's interface concerns in it's more negative 6.0 review, but points out " the game plays just fine with an Xbox 360 controller."

AUS Gamers says Fable III is at its best on PC, praising the improved environment visuals and load times, but expressing disappointment for the 'not so hardcore' hardcore mode. That one's a seven out of ten.

Finally Inc Gamers issues another seven out of ten, writing "If you didn't like it on 360, you won't like it on PC. It's still an action RPG with a hefty focus on pleasing casual players."

You can check out the recommended and required system specs for Fable III here.