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Ridge Racer: 'No one does speed with consequences like us'

Unbounded dev talks up destruction engine

Ridge Racer Unbounded dev Bugbear has talked up the destruction engine being used for its racing spin-off, telling CVG that no one does "speed with consequences" as good as it does.

"The difference [between us and the competition] is that our proprietary destruction tech is all integrated into the physics engine, which is powering the 3D engine, so it's all integrated and built around 'things going very fast'," producer Joonas Laakso explained in Dubai last week.


"What most destruction engines can't do is cars going at 200 kmph and hitting small objects and having them react in a realistic way without everything grinding to a halt.

"What we do really well is speed with consequences and I don't think anybody else can really do it as well as we can. We really shine in the smaller stuff - so not buildings coming down but cars going through walls and having lots of crap airborne around the car at the same time and doing so at a nice frame rate."

Anyone who's played Bugbear's past Flatout games will know what Laakso's on about; 2007's Ultimate Carnage featured thousands of physics objects smashing and grinding along the racecourse.

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