Will we see Tali's face in Mass Effect 3? BioWare talks exclusively to PSM3...

BioWare's Art Director Derek Watts talks about Tali's popularity, and how - or if - they'll tackle her long awaited unmasking

If you'd seen yesterday's blog, you'd have heard us declare love for Mass Effect 2's sexiest alien, Tali - whose face is entirely hidden by a mask. What does she look like underneath? Beauty or beast? The only people with the answers are developers BioWare, who are acutely aware that everyone wants to know what Tali looks like in Mass Effect 3, the last game in the sci-fi action RPG trilogy. Here's what Mass Effect Art Director Derek Watts had to say on the matter, in an exclusive chat with PSM3...

PSM3: What are you going to do with Tali in Mass Effect 3? Will we finally get to see her face?

DW: "Tali we're still trying to discuss what we're going to try and tackle for her. A lot of people want to have her face revealed and we're kind of like, what can we do for that? Obviously people are going to be pissed off about her face, some people are going to like it, a lot of people are going to be mad: "I thought she was going to look beautiful! I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!" So we've had a lot of debate over Tali's face, but that's the one we kind of dread a lot. People bring it up - 'what about Tali's face?' Well let's talk about something else for a while."

PSM3: Is that something the writers have got factored into Mass Effect 3, that you guys are going to have to deal with at some point?

DW: "We've been talking about it a lot, we're still in discussions about what we're going to do, but we've been talking about it for a long time, even way back in Mass Effect 2, or even 1. Once we knew that Tali was going to become popular, we thought something was going to have to happen with her face, people are going to want to see it. Are we going to do it, or are we going to keep it a mystery. That's something we're going to have to decide."

So, in short, they're going to keep us guessing. Of course. But the fact they *know* her face is kind of a big deal can only be a good sign - and given that so many Mass Effect players have declared love for her, it'd be a brave company that'd allow her to finally take off the mask and reveal a face like a bag of rotted potatoes. So we're saying, yes, she'll be conventionally attractive - but with a weird twist, in a concession to her potential cybernetic status. Perhaps like Seven of Nine from Star Trek. Only odder.

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