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DiRT 3 review - 94% in GamesMaster

'We thought this rally series couldn't get any better. We were wrong'

GamesMaster's DiRT 3 review is sitting pretty in the mag's 239th issue and, as muddy as conditions are, it's a glowing victory for the Codemasters sim.

The mag awards 94 percent and congratulates, well, just about every aspect of DiRT 3 calling it an "absolute beauty" and, while acknowledging that the handling is geared slightly more towards accessibility than simulation, says "for feel and pace, DiRT 3 really is second to none."


The biggest new addition to the DiRT series this year is, of course, the Gymkhana event where players slip, slide, drift and donut around multiple obstacles in an open arena.

"It's awesome fun that could only be made more enjoyable with the addition of a Gymkhana track editor," says the review. "And who knows whether Codies already have that in the pipeline?"

The only real criticism levelled at the dirty racer is that some will still say that there's nothing to offer a straight up rally experience, "but we'd say they're missing the point of DiRT 3," counters GamesMaster.

"That is, a brilliantly all-consuming celebration of the rally car."

Add this to the two 9/10 DiRT 3 reviews in OPM and OXM.

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