Modern Warfare 3 reveal premiere set for May 23

Activision puts date on its sequel reveal

It looks like your first glimpse of Modern Warfare 3 will come on May 23 - this Monday - via US sports network ESPN.

Activision has announced via the Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page that the game will premiere during the Western Conference Finals.


In its own words: "Tune in for the Modern Warfare 3 World Premiere on May 23rd during game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN," says the page, putting the official stamp on numerous previous reports.

Now, for people who don't follow sport (like this editor) and think the 'Western Conference Finals' sounds more like a political event, it's actually an NBA thing that, presumably, a lot of people care about.

Google tells us that 'Game 4' will be Dallas at Oklahoma City, taking place on May 23 at 9 p.m ET (2am, May 24 UK time). That's the time to be on the internet hammering F5, then.

What will you get? Hopefully a gameplay trailer during the ad break. Anything less will be mighty frustrating after all this damn teasing.