Black Ops PS3 gets double XP weekend

Still no date for Escalation map pack

Treyarch has good and bad news for PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops owners today. The good news is that this weekend will be a double XP weekend.

The bad news is there's still no release date for the PS3 release of the 'Escalation' expansion on PS3.


The double XP weekend starts tomorrow, Friday, May 20 at 10am PST (6pm UK time), and ends the same time on Tuesday, May 24.

The developer also confirmed that another double XP weekend will take place across all platforms to mark the release of the Escalation pack on PS3. But, unfortunately, it says there's still "no date", saying only that "we are working on it and will update you ASAP".

The Escalation pack hit Xbox Live exclusively on May 3, adding new multiplayer maps and an awesome new Zombie level called 'Call of the Dead', inspired by (and starring) zombie movie legend George A. Romero.