This life-size Portal 2 sentry gun is too awesome for words

Fan-made merchandise reaches new levels of genius

Fan-made merchandise is often neat, but never have we wished we'd got in on the bidding process of a work as much as this; a life-size Portal 2 sentry gun.


Watch the video below. It has the proper sound bites from the game in it and - brilliantly - a motion sensor that activates the quotes as someone walks by. We believe 'OMFG!' is the correct response.

It can also play the 'Still Alive' tune for good measure. Only two were made and both have been sold already. Epic big man Cliff Bleszinski, you'll be pleased to know, is one lucky owner.

And how much was it? Cliffy says: "I'm not going to tell you how much it was. Let's just say it wasn't 60$."

Come on, make some more and flog us one. For science.

You monster.

[ SOURCE: Via Game Informer ]