The 7 highest rated FPS games ever

What the world of gaming says about its favourite genre...

Continuing our run of features finding the highest rated games of all time, sticking the top titles in an easy to digest list and giving you a few words from our own thought sponges, this week we're looking at the most popular genre in the world.

That's right; it's the first-person-shooter, the FPS, the arena where noob vs. ninja battles are at their bloodiest.

Obviously there are some killer titles in the list that follows (that's the whole point) and we have to say, score-wise, it's a very tightly run thing indeed.

But remember, this isn't our personal list (we gave you our top FPS games last year) and the scores you see aren't our own.

Instead, we've scanned Metacritic's 'All Time' rankings table (which, oddly, doesn't encompass the whole of time) to get the collective opinion of games journalists across the globe in order to make this list of the highest rated FPS games ever. Here's what they said:

Metacritic score: 94

We'd claim some sort of international conspiracy if Halo didn't feature in the top band of first-person shooters, but thankfully here it is.

Games journos of the world have decided that Halo 3 is the best of the Bungie series and, for us and many of you, it's not hard to see why.


Halo 3 was one of those games that hit the space nail on the head; it had fun at its core with every aspect being quality if not necessarily revolutionary. Vehicles, music, atmosphere and just the all round feel of the game was spot on.

This was 12 years after GoldenEye in 1995, which many still hold as the greatest FPS experience to date, and six years after the start of the franchise with Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001. For FPS fans, especially those with a sci-fi bent, 2007 was just as an important year.

The first two games in the Halo series were certainly top quality, but the weight, balance and fullness of Halo 3 made it a stand out favourite.

With a fantastic single player campaign complete with co-op online, a robust and jam-packed multiplayer offering and ground breaking Theatre and Forge modes, Halo 3 gets a global thumbs up.

Metacritic score: 94

While Quake looks understandably dated today, at the point of its release in 1996 it was something of a graphical marvel, bringing us textures like we'd never seen and fully 3D worlds.

If Doom spawned and moulded the core of the FPS genre, Quake took the concept of blood, gore and hellishly fun shootery and upped the level ten-fold.

It was fast, relentless, intuitive and addictive in terms of its gameplay and is still a favourite for retro-heads even today.

If you were to watch a PC FPS king strafing and dodging with his keyboard and snapping his cursor to the heads of his enemies with a lightening quick clicking finger, then he probably cut his teeth on Quake.

When it arrived it was simply the epitome of multiplayer in FPS gaming, an aspect of the genre that has become even more important than the classic single-player campaign today.

Metacritic score: 94

Modern Warfare was the light bulb moment for the Call of Duty franchise, the point at which the formula finally came together to boost the IP into the head-shot stratosphere.

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