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CVG: Comments of the week

Oh you guys...

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Congrats Suda & friends, you've made the most awesome looking game ever.

And suffice to say, my Johnson has never been bigger.

The_Truth - Truth by name, truth by nature.

Far Cry 2 dev finds L.A. Noire "derivative, uninspiring"

Oh no she didn't *finger snap* you ain't my babies daddy.

We don't even know what this means El Mag.

L.A Noire review round-up

I'm cooking now, i'm starting to look at everybody suspiciously and pounce on anything i think they're talking crap about. I feel like Robocop....except more stylish and a lot less metal obviously.

I solved the bushy lady garden case. I don't wanna spoil anything but i never did trust bearded circus ladies and their monkey butlers and then those aliens, lordy.

This has to be some sort of crazy unlockable El Mag. Now stop being amusing, you're making the place look unbalanced.

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