CVG: Comments of the week

Oh you guys...

A few corkers this week thanks to our favourite people on the planet, you lot.

Sometimes we think we should make a CVG Comments of the week book, but we're always hesitant because it would become a best-seller over night and we'd have Hollywood execs pulling at the gates and throwing cash at us for the film rights.

Oh sure, we'd be glad of a bit of pocket money but in the end it would all come crashing down. So many of you deserve centre stage, so many deserve to be played by Hollywood A-listers that the film would just become some fragmented montage of silver-screen superstars competing for the lime-light in the biggest internet-based movie since The Social Network.

Damn Brad Pitt. Always ruining our plans.

Dragon's Dogma screens show Griffin get abused

You would NOT want that bird to take a s**t on you... that certainly wouldn't be lucky. More fatal than anything.

We still contest the whole idea of it ever being lucky MPH.

Batman FPS confirmed by Warner

If I can t-bag Batman, I'm in!

No-one can tea-bag Batman djreplay. No-one.

Soul Calibur 5 is just 10% complete

That 10% probably refers to Ivy's boobs

The most important ten percent, some would say, OriginalJonty.

Disney files trademark for name of Bin Laden killers

Well, if anyone was going to do it, it would be Disney. Oh wait... Wtf!?

Just imagine the ride at Disneyland lwill.

I'm looking forward to the Mickey Mouse skin DLC, i wonder if it will include the authentic voice.


Play as Micky as you defend Disneyland from the invading russian nationalists and al-qaeda.

gmcb007 - Is anyone noting these ideas down?

NSFW: Duke Nukem's naked lady shooting game

Slowest, laggiest, ugliest, most poorly optimised flash game I've ever played. Took f**king ages to load & when it finally did, the mouse cross hair lagged to f**k. Unplayable.

We think you've missed the point a3HeadedMonkey...

I had to move to the back of the bus while reading this article.

Then we've done our job yourmumwasfun.

Gears of War board game looks mint

*sells 360*

*buys tea, crackers and candles*


Ah, yeah, you're going to regret that yourmumwasfun.

Shadows of the Damned trailer will 'Enlarge your Johnson'

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