Uncharted 3 behind the scenes mo-cap video

Get a peek into the motion capture studio where Uncharted 3 was made

The Uncharted series has been praised for having some of the best graphics and animation in the industry, and that's thanks to some pretty smart motion capture tech, some of which you can glimpse in the video below.


UNCHARTED 3 Creative Director Amy Hennig explained to the PlayStation blog some of the improvements that have been made at Naughty Dog's studio since the first game, and how that will translate into a better performance in the studio's third Uncharted quest.

Check out the video below and swing through the source link for the full feature.

Last week Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra revealed that Uncharted NGP will "most likely" interact with Uncharted 3.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]