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Sony demos impressive new augmented reality - video

'Smart AR' technology does 'markerless' object recognition

Sony has showed off new augmented reality technology that, in future, could be used to great effect in video games.


Sony has previously used AR in games like EyePet and card-based battle game The Eye of Judgement, which have had everything from cute puppies to fighting monsters running around your living tabletop or floor. Nintendo has also placed huge focus on AR tech on 3DS with its AR Cards and built-in games. But the requirement of specific cards or markers could soon be a thing of the past.

Sony says its new 'Smart AR' tech "employs the markerless approach, forgoing any requirement for special markers such as 2D barcodes." It also tracks objects at super high-speed, fixing the jerkiness you sometimes get with moving AR objects.

Sony explains: "SmartAR technology combines 'object recognition technology' (markerless approach in which no special markers are required) for recognition of general objects such as photographs and posters with Sony's own proprietary '3D space recognition technology,' which has been fostered through the research of robots such as AIBO and QRIO."

It adds: "With "SmartAR" technology objects can be recognized and tracked at high-speed. In addition to displaying virtual objects or additional image or text information (hereafter, 'AR information'), the technology also facilitates the expression of AR information over an extended space, thus producing a dynamic, large-scale AR experience."

What that last bit means, from what we can make out from the video below, is that once the system knows where the recognised object is in a room, it can track the physical objects of the entire room and allow for AR objects to exist in that space even when the initial object is panned out of view. Unlike, for example, 3DS, which must be able to see the AR Card it uses as a marker at all times, and only recognises the AR Card as a surface, not surrounding objects.

Sony shows it working on a Sony Ericsson phone, but the press release makes several references to its gaming potential. Might it be used in the NGP (PSP2)?

Check the demo video:

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Tons more details on the tech can be found through the below link.

[ SOURCE: Sony ]