Bayonetta director fantasises about spin-off title

Hideki Kamiya ponders Cutie J follow-up

Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya has admitted to fantasising about taking his much-loved franchise further with an equally sexy spin-off.

It would revolve around the character Cutie J, as Kamiya explains in one of his lo-fi director's commentaries for Bayonetta.

"I'm sure those of you who've unlocked the special features know about Cutie J," he says during a sequence with Jeanne and Bayonetta early on in the game.

"She's Jeanne as a heroine, who would star in a spin-off game I like to fantasize about."

Last November it sounded as though a Bayonetta 2 reveal was imminent when Hideki Kamiya responded to questions of a sequel with "You'll see soon."

It's rare (and kind of cruel) that someone responds with "You'll see" when the actual answer is "No", but it seems like that's exactly what Kamiya did. He later blamed the error on his English.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]