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XBLA puzzler headed to Steam

Space Ark upgraded with Achievements, out next month

Strawdog Studios, makers of psychedelic XBLA hit Geon, has announced that its retro arcade-inspired puzzler Space Ark is set to make the jump to PC via Steam in early June.

In case you missed it, Space Ark is a colourful and slightly bonkers mashup of Peggle, Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble... with break dancing zebras. Read more about the XBLA original here.

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The PC version of Space Ark will include all of the original's Mission, Time Attack and Multiplayer modes, the dev says, plus new controller options and full Steam integration including online leaderboards and Achievements.

"Space Ark manages to be both accessible for casual players and also deep and challenging for hardcore gamers," said Strawdog MD Paul Smith. "I can't wait for PC gamers on Steam to have an opportunity to play Space Ark and see how much fun bouncing a zebra around a planet can be."