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Dirt 3 DLC, Trophies outed

Two car and two track packs coming as downloadable content

A leaked Dirt 3 Trophy list has seemingly revealed Codemasters' plans to release at least four DLC packs for the rally title.

Dirt 3 features 67 Trophies, according to PS3 Trophies, including ones for the following DLC packs: Power and Glory Car Pack, Mud and Guts Car Pack, Monte Carlo Track Pack, DLC: X Games Asia Track Pack.

According to the site, the cost of each DLC pack is still to be determined.


Dirt 3 has been attracting very positive review scores ahead of its UK launch tomorrow. GamesMaster gave it 94 percent in its Dirt 3 review, while GamesRadar went with a 9/10 in its Dirt 3 review.

[ SOURCE: PS3 Trophies ]