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New Torchlight 2 screens, details

Randomised overworld, enormous new areas

Acclaimed PC and Xbox Live Arcade action RPG, Torchlight is getting a sequel - and developer Runic Games has finally released new details and screenshots.

Lead designer Patrick Blank reveals over on the sequel's official blog - which will be updated every week until E3 - that Torchlight 2's new open ended overworld areas will be more than three times the size of Torchlight's largest levels, and will be completely randomised to encourage exploration.

A set number of landmarks will be shuffled into each overworld, he says, and will act as entrance points to the multi-layered dungeons.


The dungeons themselves have also been overhauled. Blank says "we've really tried to raise the bar with interiors since the last game. Rooms are much more densely detailed with decorations, have new effects, and lighting tricks that help push the mood and atmosphere."

Junctions have also been introduced, meaning that the randomly generated dungeons will contain more branching paths to explore, and there wont always be a single route through a level, says Blank.

Good stuff. For more details head over to the official Torchlight 2 blog.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]