Final Fantasy XIV improvements plans listed

Square issues lengthy list of planned updates

Final Fantasy XIV's release may have been a bug-riddled, poorly-executed train wreck, but with the size of its planned updates list getting larger every month Square certainly seems determined to fix things.


The game's producer Naoki Yoshida has posted a lengthy list of updates and improvements planned for the game between now and the end of Summer this year.

Improvements include new Job Quests, Grand Company Quests, seasonal events, tutorial improvements, camera and user interface tweaks, new recipe and material crafting revisions and a whole lot more.

Final Fantasy XIX Online landed on PC in September last year with a 30-day free trial in place, but Square is yet to claim a penny from players after the game suffered a turbulent launch receiving mass criticism from reviews and players alike. Yoshida said last month that Square will not ask players to pay a subscription fee until improvement plans are set in stone.

Head through the source link for the full list of updates.

[ SOURCE: Square ]