Free Dead Space 2 'Outbreak' map pack confirmed

New multiplayer maps The Academy and Concourse coming this month

EA has announced two brand new multiplayer maps for its excellent survival horror game Dead Space 2, in the form of the Outbreak map pack.

Two brand new multiplayer maps will be available in Outbreak, The Academy and Concourse, with Xbox owners getting the goods on May 31 and PlayStation fans having to defer their gratification slightly until June 3.


And what price will you pay for Outbreak? Well hold your breath, it's actually for free, gratis, nada, a refreshing change in this age of paid for DLC, with EA presumably hoping to entice you back to the slightly neglected multiplayer portion of the game.

Will that be enough to have you dusting off your copy and tempting you back into some engineer-necromorph standoffs? Comments are open for business below.