BioShock Infinite: New screens, details

Sky cities, jealous ex-husbands and... time travel?!

Irrational Games has released new BioShock Infinite details and screenshots, via a fresh wave of online press viewings that went live last night.

The E3 demo shown to journalists takes place about a third of the way into the game, and provides a good look at the nature of the relationship between the player's character, Booker Dewitt, and the woman he's been sent to rescue from Irrational's mysterious sky city, Elizabeth, reports ShackNews.

Throughout Infinite Elizabeth (or 'Liz') is pursued by her mysterious jailer, an enormous creature known as the Songbird, who was first seen in the climax of the game's debut gameplay video.


"Songbird is a bit like a jealous, possessive ex-husband," Ken Levine told press, showing off one scene in the game in which Liz surrenders herself to the Songbird's captivity in return for it sparing Dewitt in exchange.

As hinted in the original trailer, Liz also possesses supernatural powers. During the E3 demo it's clear she doesn't know exactly what her powers are all about, but she does have the ability to manipulate "rifts" in the world.

Basically it sounds like she'll be manipulating time and space, and throughout the demo she uses rifts to manifest objects and even momentarily transport to a 1980s street (complete with the Tears for Fears classic "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" playing in the background).

In another scene, Liz transports a large structure into the world that the player can use as cover in a firefight, and later a weapons crate with heavier weapons the pair can use to blast their way out of trouble.

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[ SOURCE: ShackNews ]