New Windows Phone OS to have 500 new features

We came too late to the market, admits MS boss

Microsoft's set to reform its Windows Phone OS with the imminent release of a new and improved version, CEO Steve Ballmer has said.

Speaking at a press conference in Tokyo, Ballmer claimed that the Windows Phone OS "is now much more global", and will add "over 500 new features".


Microsoft will detail improvements to the mobile operating system at a press conference later today.

"We're pushing a different approach to user interface design, an approach in which literally right on the home screen of the Windows Phone, you, our developers, can provide integrated experiences across your own and third-party applications that are alive and vibrant in real-time for our joint customers," Ballmer said (via Develop).

The Windows boss went on to say he regretted how long it took Microsoft to release a competitor to iPhone and Android devices.

"We came to market with Windows Phone about a year later than I wish we had, shame on us," he said.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]