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Xbox World's E3 Top 10

#1: Halo HD... and Halo 4?

This year's E3 show is set to be the hottest on record. So hot, in fact, we're dedicating the next 10 days to 10 smokingest things we're expecting to get eyes and hands on once we land in L.A. First up: the long-rumoured Halo HD remake and... a possible Halo 4 teaser trailer?

Q: You can't still be hepped up about Halo after over 8 years and 100 issues of Xbox World?
A: We're hepped up on (at least) two counts: firstly the end of Bungie's reign as Halo overlords (would looking forward to announcements about their next creation count as three? No? Okay then...) makes the idea of revisiting the one and only original Halo in gorgeous, up-to-date HD remake form - and on its tenth anniversary - a bittersweet source of gamergasm. Secondly, as you'll see below, with Saber reportedly on Halo HD duties, all-new Halo custodians 343 Industries have to have been doing something...

Q: And, what, you think they might deliver a glimpse of Halo 4?
A: A glimpse and only a glimpse, yes... but still a glimpse. Maybe.

Q: What about slaughtering Elites with Kinect? Likely, you reckon?
A: There's precisely slap-all to suggest that anything like that is on the cards at this year's E3, but - especially if Gears' Kinect concept does the trick - it's unthinkable that Microsoft's number one gaming property, and beloved but beleaguered motion control system, will never be joined together at some point. It would hardly be an earth-shattering announcement if Halo Kinect were to be vaguely trailed in LA.

Q: So what concrete evidence do we have that Halo will be big at this year's show?
A: Well, Microsoft have all-but confirmed it already by sending out press badges emblazoned with references to several game titles which we know for a fact will feature at E3 - and included Halo ones, such as 'Spartans Unite!'. Halo's tenth anniversary this November will definitely be a time for celebration - Microsoft will make damn sure of that. And, as we said above, the remake is said to be in the hands of Saber Interactive...

Q: Wait a second: the Timeshift/Inversion guys?
A: They're maybe not all-time big-hitters, but Saber are super-strong on the tech front, even if they're not as hot on actual game design - not a problem when they're working with Combat Evolved. In fact, it's difficult to see where they'll go wrong. Anyway, with 343 Industries kept free for something new, there's no time like the present for Microsoft to start spilling the beans. This is the year of the reboot, and though the new Combat Evolved won't rewrite existing Master Chief lore or anything like it, you can bet that they're repositioning themselves for the start of a whole new decade of Halo releases. In fact, they've already promised that the games will be coming thick and fast from now on... and it starts next month, in Los Angeles.