Kojima game cancelled?

A year's work has 'become meaningless', says disgruntled Metal Gear creator

Something that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has been working on for a year has 'become meaningless', he has said via Twitter. But what is it?

The obvious assumption is that the well respected producer has just had a game project cancelled against his will, but exactly what it could be is a mystery.


"I cannot bear, and cannot be positive," Kojima posted on his Twitter feed, before immediately following up with, "What I prepared minutely spending a year became meaningless."

What could it be? It might be the 'confidential game' he reportedly checked in on at Konami US earlier this year. Or the mysterious 'Devil Project', if they aren't one and the same. Zone of the Enders fans will be praying it isn't ZOE 3.

And we're hoping he's not talking about Metal Gear Solid: Rising, although the voice actor for Raiden rather worryingly said he's completely in the dark on the progress of the title.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]