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BioShock Infinite is in 'incredibly terrific shape'

Take-Two excited by "very different" take on the franchise

You're excited about BioShock infinite, we're excited by it, and so is publisher Take-Two, which said on its annual earnings call last night that Irrational's game is in "incredibly terrific shape".

Asked about the strength of the BioShock series, Take-Two chief operating officer Karl Slatoff said (via Gamasutra): "When you're selling over eight million units in a franchise it's a fantastic thing.


"It is fantastic having [series creator] Ken [Levine] re-engaged," he added. "Ken is obviously doing something very different with the franchise that hasn't been done before, and that's a good thing. It's a highly, highly creative endeavour, and we're thrilled to be in business with Ken and having him at the helm again at BioShock."

Irrational Games released new BioShock Infinite details and screenshots earlier this week. Check them out here.

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[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]