Daily Mail savages Modern Warfare 3 over '7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks'. Also, Cheryl Cole has cankles!


Activision's PR department, get popping them champagne corks.

The Daily Mail has today run its inevitable savaging of the publisher's first in-game Modern Warfare 3 trailer. As if this wasn't all part of the US firm's masterplan.


A screaming headline from the Mail (is there any other kind when it comes to games?) reports "fury" over Activision's footage - and brazenly suggests that the trailer "features 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks".

A brief moment, then, just to question what a "bomb-style attack" actually is.

It's an attack, that much we can successfully ascertain. Clear as a bell. But if it's supposed to be in the style of a bomb, one might expect - and call us silly here - but, um, something that is in some small way in the style of a bomb. Activision gives them outcry gold, and they still have to make stuff up.

The related 'England' part of Activision's trailer, of course, actually shows a military truck being used to ram one of London's public transport carriages clean off its tracks and onto its side.

The Mail calls MW3 "ultra-violent" and clarifies that Activision's trailer is "described as 'inappropriate' for children". Then it shows the full footage without an age gate. Lovely stuff.

Apparently, the trailer depicts "military helicopters, rocket launchers" and "black-op style soldiers". If that's not a coded catty comment on an outdated animation engine, we don't know what is.

This video is no longer available

Meanwhile, the "fury" referred to in the Mail headline is reportedly attributed to "supporters of those affected by the 7/7 suicide attacks in July 2005, which killed 52 people". Fair enough, right?

And who exactly are these "supporters"? Ah, Mediawatch. The Mail's favourite go-to guys for any entertainment-based scandal it can construct; a pressure group whose very tagline proclaims that it is "campaigning for family values in the media".

Family values, one might suggest, like those the Mail flaunts just to the right of its online Modern Warfare 3 article.

Headlines include: "Imogen Thomas reveals 'love affair' with Giggs"... "Two love children and a string of mistresses - the double life of Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law"... and our personal favourite... "She may look like the perfect princess - but Cheryl Cole suffers from the curse of the cankle (when your calf and ankle become one)".