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Xbox Live Marketplace 'back up and running'

Microsoft reports resolution of earlier problems

Xbox users can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that the console's online service won't suffer the same long-term outage as PSN. Microsoft has it sorted.

Xbox Live users, including several CVG readers who got in touch, were reporting problems accessing Xbox Live Marketplace through both Xbox 360 and PC earlier today. Considering Sony's recent misfortunes with the PSN breach, you may have been more worried that usual.


But don't fret, because it seems the issue was a minor one. Posting on its Twitter feed, Microsoft said: "Good News! Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the console is back up! on the way."

It then links to the official Xbox Live Status page which, at the time of writing, was curiously still reporting issues.

Anyhow, it looks as though everything will be back to normal shortly.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]