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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Collector's Edition detailed

Plus retailer-specific pre-order bonuses including free copy of Darksiders

THQ has revealed the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collector's Edition and a bunch of retailer-specific goodies that'll be up for those who pre-order.


Available exclusively from the THQ Store in limited quantities, the Collector's Edition contains: "A 10" replica Purity Seal, a glossy hardback art book, the official Space Marine soundtrack, a premium pack of 25 foiled character information cards and a copy of the game, packaged together in a premium box set."

That'll set you back $99.99 on Xbox and PS3, and $79.99 on PC. And if you want even more swag, slap down a pre-order at any of the following retailers and you'll get specific treats:

- The Emperor's Elite Pack, only available at Gamestop, includes the unique Space Wolves and Black Templar chapter armor skins
- For players who prefer the nefarious forces of Chaos, The Traitor Legion Pack includes the complete armor sets for the Iron Warriors and Emperor's Children and is only available at Best Buy.
The Golden Relic Chainsword, the primary close combat weapon for Space Marines, is only available at
- The Golden Relic Bolter, a powerful ranged combat weapon, is only available at Walmart.
- PC Gamers can celebrate their love of the Dawn of War series by donning themselves in the iconic red and bone colored armor of the Blood Ravens Chapter as well as receiving a FREE copy of Darksiders on PC when they pre-order the PC game through Steam.
- PC Gamers also have the choice of pre-ordering their copy of Space Marine through THQ's E-Store to get an exclusive PowerSword weapon for multiplayer.
- Finally PC Gamers who choose to buy a digital copy of Space Marine through select digital retailers will be offered a FREE copy of Darksiders on PC.

A very bloody, gameplay-packed developer diary was also released today. The game's out on September 6.