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EA Syndicate remake script leaked again

Spoilers: More pages emerge on the net

It's not quite as bad as the Modern Warfare 3 story leak earlier this month, but chunks of script for the EA Syndicate remake have been thrown up online.

The script was acquired by Siliconera, which is currently hosting a good length of dialogue from the game.

We won't post the dialogue directly, but the website has also put together a short, fairly standard synopsis, which doesn't give too much away.


Needless to say it's still a bit spoilerish so if you want to go in totally blind when the EA remake does finally come around, better hit that back button rather than read on:

"In-game advertisements set up a familiar world - a dystopia where a chip called Dart can alter your memories. News anchors inform us about a diplomatic crisis between EuroCorp and the Gulf over uranium prices. A resistance exists too, a hacker known as Logos attacked the Manhattan Complex and escaped. Other resistance members... aren't as lucky. Read on to find out the fate of the main character's mother and father."

It's not the first time Siliconera has gotten hold of scraps of script from the not yet officially announced Syndicate remake.

CVG was among the first to out the remake, as we exclusively reported back in 2008 that the Bullfrog original was indeed getting a current-gen makeover. That's how long we've been waiting.

You can read the actual script pages using the source link, if you want.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]